Write With Us

Why write?

There are many reasons to perform guest posts or longer-term writing stints with us:

  • Grow your professional portfolio
  • Learn from experts with feedback on your work
  • Network with our community of writers

Note that long-run writing agreements are compensated contracting roles to help reward both parties for your work and contributions.

Getting In Touch

For those looking to provide content or writing opportunities for the long term, please contact us at info@datacourses.com. Once we get in touch, we’ll add you to our content management system backend so that you can publish posts for our editorial team to review, provide feedback on, and ultimately publish on DataCourses.

To become a writer you must note some simple steps:

  • We don’t accept posts from Medium, your standalone blog, PDFs, or Google Docs – all posts must be made through our system (WordPress)
  • Before submitting your post, you need to make sure you understand our writing standards (outlined below) as it pertains to your writing and any code submitted
  • Please include your resume, LinkedIn profile, or GitHub in your submission email

Once you publish your first article with us, you can do so again quickly in our WordPress backend.

Our Editorial Process

Our editorial process is a light touch. We perform basic reviews of digital publishing standards, spellchecks, etc.

High-level stages of Editorial Review:

  • Posts are generated by writers/contributors
  • Posts are “Published” for approvals by the Editorial Staff
  • A review occurs around:
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Basic SEO standards
    • Our Writing Standards (outlined below)
  • Any code submitted is reviewed for best practices (commenting, reproducibility notes, etc.)
  • Posts are approved for publication or notes are sent back to contributors for future edits

This process is followed for all submissions by our writers.

Writing Standards

There are some strict rules around posts and their generation for our site. We don’t accept any posts that fall below the minimum standards below:

  • Duplicative content as checked by CopyScape. All posts must be original content.
  • Images must be unique and cannot be pulled from sources without permission or licensing
  • Posts under 500 words will not be accepted
  • Any and all example code must be documented publically on GitHub
  • The topic of the post must cover Data Analysis, Data Science, or Data Engineering

Most of these reasons are simply for strong content being delivered to our audience in a way that is legal, transparent, and of high quality.